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Workshop Facilitation

These sessions look to explore and experiment with the capacities and potentials of form and material with focus on playful explorations, collaborative work and introducing contemporary practice. Dew takes inspiration from her own practice and the work from exhibiting galleries to create unique workshop sessions that explore unconventional and contemporary approaches to creativity, including sensory object making with clay, plaster, cardboard and more to visual art such as photography, film and installation.

Gaining experience in a multitude of institutions and organisations has allowed Dew to work with many different artists, workshop facilitators and young people. These workshops engage all, ages Dew has worked with ranges from 1-25 and workshops will be tailored to accommodate the needs and requirements of participants while also looking to create the most exciting experience. Working with the Stanley Picker Gallery has also given Dew the opportunity to create workshops that react to the exhibitions currently on show within the gallery. This encourages a higher engagement while also inviting young people into art spaces where they might not have found interest before.

Dew began facilitating in 2020 and has since then has ran participatory projects for organisations and institutions such as StarlingCIO, Gorse Hill Studios, Stanley Picker Gallery and Dorich House Museum.

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