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See My Growth, 2022

Locally sourced fired and unfired clay, found objects, moss, ink, cable ties, thread.

Non-functional ceramic objects constructed using raw clay found through displacement from construction are situated within site-orientated spaces with found objects, engaging with ideas of post-industrialism, urbanisation and personal growth within society. 

Shown for my Formative Assessment, this work presented a collection of found material, classically associated with construction and exterior of the home. This situation considered the relationships between local industrialism and architecture, natural surroundings and the changes of habitat and home. Placement of material interact with the other- breaching gaps between man-made and organic, how does this material used for industrial advancement fit within the natural world? 

The inclusion of live moss and unfired clay explores the impermanence of the installation, knowing that both the moss will wither and die, and the clay will dry and crack. Considering Systems Aesthetics and the natural processes that happen over time, I wanted to include areas within this institutional critique that were ephemeral and time sensitive. As these elements altered, each day that passed altered the overall piece.

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