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Plant Feeder, 2020

Ice, Land.

Attempting to continue creating sculptures without leaving a lasting affect on nature I looked to ice as a sustainable solution. Placing ice within different outdoor contexts and leaving it to melt investigated ephemerality. It also investigated the idea of production without leaving physical art that would last and add to consumerist capitalism. 

Melting ice in a variety of natural settings led me to hanging the ice over crops. I investigated the functionality of the sculpture and how it reacts when placed within a system. The surrounding environment became part of the art while the ice became part of the plant's growth.

From critically examining the art world and creative production I have developed my later work to eliminate conventional art materials and only use materials that are natural. Looking into land artists such as Richard Long who works with raw materials in natural situations led me to begin working with the land as a source and a stage. Like Long, I took walks through nature and made small rearrangements of materials, I imprinted a rock in different areas of the earth while taking photographs of the process- leaving no physical work investigated ephemerality, impermanence of nature and art excluding consumerist capitalism. Continuing with themes of sustainability I also worked with creating sculptures with expiry dates, by using water in its ice form I examined the concept of impermanent art, Inspired by Francis Alys’ Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing. By placing these sculptures outside It led me into considering how they could be functional in nature and become part of a system by watering plants and crops, the relation to systems theories reminded me of Hans Haacke’s Condensation Cube.

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