Take a Seat, 2022

Cotton canvas, acrylic paint medium.

My Tiny Little Table for your Tiny Little Chair, 2022

Driftwood, garden twine.

Father, I Love you as much as Salt, 2022

Locally sourced clay mixture

The original Salzburg settlers and miners of salt were Celtic, the remnants of their past were found within burials in the surrounding mountains. The Celtic community of Salzburg were especially known for their riches, as salt- the bringer of taste- was seen as worthy as gold and silver. It can be seen the Celtic sacred sentimentality of food and feast as vessels and flagons were regularly exhumed from resting places during archaeological digs. 

Communal gatherings of good food have brought people together for millenniums, whether it be ceremonial meals or the everyday sit down with friends and family. In stories passed down through generations such as The Necessity of Salt, we are taught of the King’s daughter confessing her admiration of her father through the common seasoning- understanding the quality of life it brings in the everyday. 

And so, in my three-week relocation to Salzburg, it has been food, feast, and an occasional drink that has brought classes of Salzburg Academy together. But in reality, it has been salt that has brought satisfaction. 

Even though common, it is a treasure. It brings together community. It brings together family. It brings together international strangers. It is necessity.