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Negative Environments, 2020

Cotton fabric, wire, thread.

Looking into long-lasting natural matter that goes unnoticed, working with a rock form and making different sized patterns to create soft fabric version from. The materials were all sourced in charity shops or donations and ranged from fabric samples, off-cuts, bed sheets and curtains. I wanted to consider sustainable forms of artwork while working in relation to organic forms and the impact time and humans have on these such objects. Some of these forms were left empty, considering Robert Morris’s concept of Anti-form and investigated different materials reaction to environments. Others were stuffed and became practical objects; I investigated their use and ability to function within a home- leading me to consider market opportunism’s effect on nature and the products sold to us. I began looking into post-production and mechanical reproduction. Producing exact replicas of the single rock I attempted to look into consumerist appropriation of nature and how it negatively affects society; the extraction and displacement of material leading to natural disorder. Interestingly in using a silicone mould to create these reproductions small amounts of detail diminished with each creation, the more created the less exact they became.

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