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Lost and Found, 2022

Locally sourced fired and unfired clay, found objects, wire, ink, wax, string, dried foliage.

Shown for Making and Showing in NMBH with KSA third year artists.

This collection of found material documents the collective experiences living on top of each other in the local space of Kingston. This accumulation of discarded property explores the capacities of which we live in, what items do we hold dear with sentimental value and what happens when they lose that status?

This piece included a multitude of smaller works delicately placed around the space, interacting with the architecture of the room, other works and those who walked around the space. 


The works shown include small ceramic seed holders, a waxed wreath, Biomechanical Testings, found objects, and unfired clay mounds attached to the floor. Each of these items had been found or sourced in the Kingston area. From the clay used which was sourced and processed within the borough to the found items that were taken from skips or fly tipping. Even with the use of locally sourced material- there is still an element of globalisation as many of the waste material has been moved across the world for industrial and developmental reasons. And so, this work explores the connection of material within our lives, with those who live across the world and those who lived before us.


When constructing this space kept jumping back to the concept of living on top of other lives. When we live in an area we are continuing to add and alter the landscape of past memories, our footsteps change the terrain, our waste builds on top of more waste, our houses and gardens continuously alter and change to suit our preferences- but they are merely continuing the storyline. This piece became a selective and random archive of those experiences of Kingston Upon Thames, this material was found by the artist- someone who is only a short story within this narrative- and documented, only to eventually return these materials back to their inevitable timeline. 


Using a dimmer lighting created an intimate space that can easily overlook certain elements. In this grand narrative there are many storylines that are missed or forgotten but they were still there and still have had an effect on our current world. This lighting created a personal environment that allowed viewers to experience the installation as an individual. However, the shadows cast by the light meant that all participants became a distinctive element within the work- each movement created an alteration within the work.

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