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Kingston Through January, 2022

Found objects, film photography.

An experimental project exploring object orientation and how they contextualise site. As part of project exploring institutional critiques, these ephemeral situations took found object that were sourced from local skips, bins, fly tipping, litter, and nature from Kingston Upon Thames. These materials were picked up, moved to the studio alone, photographed on a film camera and then returned to its original place. With this material an exploration of functionality and non-functionality, context, possibility of placement and capacity began. Re-contextualising the found material, giving an essence of what was available on that day investigated the waste we produce but also the possibilities with sculpture. The use of found material looks into sustainability- considering what it is we throw away. These works look into the effects of everyday living on urban spaces, becoming an archive on the materials we leave behind in our journey.

This became an experimentation with curation and presentation, by using different material each day, without reusing, led to this activity being didactic in its continuous exploration of form. This practice informs later work.

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