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Impermanence, 2019

Muslin fabric, ink, air dry clay.

My work follows the theme of transiency and impermanence, all things carry the knowledge that they will one day no longer exist in that form, every physical object follow a continuous cycle of construction and deconstruction, this can be seen as an expression of time. In my project I used nature as a metaphorical device to begin showing the eventual effect of time. It was the bark on trees which took my interest- its physical form being unique to each tree but also so common and overlooked. I wanted to reconstruct the surfaces in different forms and medias- by doing this the pieces became rejections of nature but still resembled natural form. My methods of working were very ‘hands on’, through this physical approach the notion of process became more important to me. Displaying process also presented method and time, it is in the lack of fastidious care that process can be more visible- all marks on the works (whether purposeful or not) displayed the movements and actions I had taken thus presenting time. I also began documenting this process by filming myself create one of the sculptural works.

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