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From The Ground, 2021

Locally sourced fired and unfired clay, found objects, ink, plastic sheet, personal items, yarn, wax.

Shown for Alt. Abundance in Avionics with artists Eliza Stillman, Julia Ligeza, Olivia England and Tegan Bradley.


We walk on the ground, filled with clay and rock beneath our feet. Collecting muddy stains on our shoes, pebbles in the groves of the sole, STOMP! STOMP! Each foot hits down on the ground. Oh, that mess. It’s kept us standing. We brush our hands through foliage, weeds, sprouting from the cracks on the pavement, the ground, picking at its leaves, peeling its green flesh, compulsively picking away until only the veins remain. It’s kept us breathing. We sit in our houses, on the bed, the couch, a stool. Lounging, sleeping, studying, eating, bathing, shitting and we are warm. We are warm in our habit, in our lives built from the ground. Built from that ground.


My work investigates extraction and displacement of waste and organic material in consideration of human development, urbanisation, and post-industrialisation. Working solely from found material I actively avoid output which is intrinsic with art production. This material has all been found locally in skips, fly tipping and within ecological areas or redundant sites that are overgrown and reclaimed by nature. These spaces question the on-going narrative and functionality of everyday objects in a site-orientated situation of institutional critique. 

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