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Fieldwork, 2022

Wax, raw ceramics, soil, foliage.


Exhibition Coming to our Senses at Kate Howe Studios. Images feature work from Kelly Sleep, Ratiba Ayadi, Sarah Na, Josh Nicholson, Rosie Robson, Felix Sleep and Julia Ligeza.

Considering extraction and displacement, this installation explores the constantly evolving landscapes of urbanised areas while traversing over concepts of ephemerality, collective experience and construction of identity through found and altered objects. The in-situ impermanence of sculptural form responds to the environment’s transformative capacity and how societies need’s affect this.  

Using plants, soil and ceramics sourced locally, this installation explores the local environment in its everchanging capacity in consideration to the effects of humanity and society. 

On the floor shows three sets of stacked pots each with writing around the side. The writing is an excerpt from Michel Serras ‘The Incandescent’ on ploughing and agricultural practice and how that has shaped our landscapes. This writing continues on about how human intervention and development has affected our local spaces. In turning these vessels upside down and stacking them, I wanted to further disrupt the connection of nature and human intervention. 

The wax bulbs found on the end of the organic material looked to encase the current stages of growth and to seal that moment in time. This closure explores the possibility of permeance with natural impermeant material.

The use of wax considers the connections to the home, to tradition and to sentimentality. The use of wax as a candle in many areas of life seemed to fit with the intent of the structures. 

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