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FINISHED 444.jpg

Dorich House Museum Deckchair Competition 2020

This is one of the winning designs of the competition.  

I started this project by creating multi-media pieces based on the sculptural works of Dora Gordine. Continuing with this idea, I made digital patterns from the same works and then layered all three sources into on single pattern. The concept for this project is to use all three designs included to display the different techniques and patinas used in Gordine’s work. Each design resonates with Dorich House’s natural exterior, the earthy tones and fluid organic shapes evoke connections between the organic forms and material used in Gordine’s work and with nature itself. By working solely off the textural surface of the sculptures, the inspiration of impressions and imprints of Gordine’s work become spatial-temporal echoes of these organic structures continuing the narrative of Gordine’s creative process. 

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